One Summer At The Beach - 3 Book Box Set

One Summer At The Beach - 3 Book Box Set


by Emily Forbes, Natalie Anderson, Melissa McClone


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2016-12-01

Pages: 624 Pages

ISBN: 9781489228147


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Pleasured By The Secret Millionaire – Natalie Anderson

Gorgeous millionaire Rhys Maitland is tired of women throwing themselves at him just because his name denotes success. On meeting Sienna, Rhys hides the truth and insists they share one night only…

But Sienna has her own secrets. Dressed to conceal her scars, she doesn't know she's been pleasured by a secret millionaire! But when one night isn't enough, Rhys and Sienna will have to strip themselves bare – in every sense!

Not–So–Perfect Princess – Melissa McClone

Dutiful Princess Julianna has a secret – she's actually happiest makeup free, sailing with the sea breeze in her hair. Her attraction to rebel prince Alejandro is instant – but her intended is his brother, the proper but dull Enrique!

For the first time, Julianna's irresistibly tempted. Before long, she's spending her nights sailing with gorgeous Alejandro while the rest of the palace believes she's sleeping. Soon she'll have to choose – remain the perfect princess, or follow her heart and stop sleepwalking her way through life….

Wedding At Pelican Beach – Emily Forbes

Eva has come to Pelican Beach for a month – but on meeting Dr Zac Carlisle, staying put suddenly seems very tempting. Will the community spirit be enough for Zac to stop listening to his head and follow his heart?

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About the author

Emily Forbes

Emily Forbes

Emily Forbes is an award winning Australian author of contemporary, romantic fiction. She has written over 30 books for Mills &Boon Medical Romance and has sold over 1 million copies. She has twice been a finalist in the Australian Romantic Book of theYear Award which she won in 2013 for her novel Sydney Harbour Hospital: Bella's Wishlist. To find out more, visit Emily on her website.You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  
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Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson

Like many a modern day Mills & Boon author Natalie has her grandmother to thank for introducing her to the world of fabulously rich heroes, beautiful heroines and toe curling passion. As a teen she alternated between her Mills & Boons, Lucy Walkers, Georgette Heyers, Elizabeth Cadells, Mary Stewarts and Agatha Christies and the supposedly more 'serious' classics. But it was either the romance or detective stories that she'd turn to on those days when she wanted a relaxing read.Natalie loves genre fiction - the getting to know where a story's going to end up, but having no idea how...
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Melissa McClone

Melissa McClone

Wife to her high school sweetheart, mother to two little girls, former salon owner - oh, and author - Jules Bennett isn't afraid to tackle the blessings of life head-on. Once she sets a goal in her sights, get out of her way or come along for the ride...just ask her husband.Jules lives in the Midwest where she loves spending time with her family and making memories. Jules's love extends beyond her family and books. She's an avid shoe, hat and purse connoisseur. She feels that her font of knowledge when it comes to accessories is essential when setting a...
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