Nights With A Thief

Nights With A Thief


by Marilyn Pappano


Imprint: Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense

Release date: 2016-12-01

Pages: 288 Pages

ISBN: 9781489229960


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A real–life Robin Hood, Lisette Malone recovers stolen property and returns it to the rightful owner...even if that's herself! To get back her late father's priceless statue, Lisette must figure out a way onto a well–protected private Caribbean island. The only catch? It's owned by wealthy playboy Jack Sinclair, the man who sets her heart on fire…

Lisette's plan: seduction. When a vengeful client comes after them both, Jack and Lisette fall into life–threatening danger, and she can't help but fall for her handsome protector. But what if perpetrating the heist of the century means losing the love of a lifetime?

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Marilyn Pappano

Marilyn Pappano

Author of 80+ books, Marilyn Pappano has been married for thirty+ years to the best husband a writer could have. She's written more than 80 books and has won the RITA and many other awards. She blogs at and can be found at She and her husband live in Oklahoma with five rough-and-tumble dogs.
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