Burning For The Fireman - 3 Bks

Burning For The Fireman - 3 Bks

Forbidden Fantasies #0


by BARBARA MCMAHON, Emily McKay, Leslie Kelly


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2017-01-01

Pages: 560 Pages

ISBN: 9781489231826


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Firefighter's Doorstep Baby – Barbara McMahon

When firefighter Cristiano Casali is injured on duty, he decides to heal at his home – Monta Correnti. Estranged from his feuding family and still wounded, Cristiano finds it difficult to start living again – until he meets pretty, warm–hearted Mariella and the adorable baby she cares for, Dante... As Mariella helps Cristiano recuperate and reunite with his family she realises that she wants a family, too – with Cristiano!

Surrogate And Wife – Emily McKay

Kate Bennet was the surrogate to Jake Morgan's child...until she had the chance to keep her child. And  Jake had married her to save Kate's career from politically motivated lies. They had yet to share a bed. Then the unexpected happened again. Kate began to fall in love with her husband of convenience. Suddenly this surrogate wife longed for a real marriage, a real family...with the one man she could never keep.

Lying In Your Arms – Leslie Kelly

Madison Reid's engagement is a sham and ends things by leaking a salacious story about a hot (if fictional) affair. Now surrounded by swarms of paparazzi, Madison escapes to the beauty of Costa Rica until things cool down. Firefighter Leo Santori is alone on his honeymoon. Still torn up about losing his fiancé to another guy, Leo isn't expecting anything from Costa Rica. That is, until Madison steps into his world. Their heat is undeniable. But when Madison's scandalous past catches up with them, will it extinguish the flames; or will they both end up burned?

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