Desert Rogues - 3 Book Box Set

Desert Rogues - 3 Book Box Set

Desert Rogues #0


by Susan Mallery


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2017-02-01

Pages: 752 Pages

ISBN: 9781489234285


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The Sheikh's Kidnapped Bride

Swept away by the passionate Prince Khalil Khan, Dora Nelson reveled in her new fairy–tale life as princess of El Bahar. But once she learned that the love and affection Khalil had showered her with were a sham, she refused to bend to his will. For he'd tricked her, and she couldn't forgive him….

But she also couldn't stop loving him. More than anything else, Dora wanted a happy home and an adoring husband. Still, when Dora's feistiness met Khalil's arrogance, sparks flew. And unless.

The Sheikh's Arranged Marriage

For Prince Jamal was a legendary lover, an expert on erotic intrigue. Whatever would he see in serious–minded Heidi? Plenty! Up to his crown in gold–digging bubbleheads, Jamal is secretly enchanted with the sweet and studious virgin.

So why was homespun Heidi donning silken disguises and posing as siren Honey Martin to seduce him? And how could Jamal hope to choose between a bold, brazen "mistress" and a bashful, blushing bride?

The Sheikh's Secret Bride

Malik Khan, Crown Prince of El Bahar, had been determined to possess Liana Archer from the moment that he saw her. Liana, dazed, breathless and mesmerised by desire, had quickly become Malik's royal bride. But should Liana trust the man who could give her anything – everything – but love?

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Susan Mallery

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