Quills - Dishonest Intentions/The Return Of Lord Conistone/The Rake's Bargain

Quills - Dishonest Intentions/The Return Of Lord Conistone/The Rake's Bargain

Quills B Format #0


by Lucy Ashford


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2017-02-01

Pages: 592 Pages

ISBN: 9781489235015


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The Return Of Lord Conistone

Dangerous Lord, Double Life...

Miss Verena Sheldon's not sure what's more surprising: the fact Lord Conistone – the man who broke her heart – has prised himself away from the grasping females and high life in London, or that he still makes her body tingle.

Lucas has secretly vowed to look after Verena, and with her beloved home up for sale she needs his help now more than ever. But Lucas's dreams of holding Verena in his arms again are shattered every time he imagines her reaction should she learn what he has done...

The Rake's Bargain

The stage is set…

Deborah O'Hara loves her life, leading her troupe of actors. But when she becomes entangled in a web of secrets spun by the rakishly handsome Damian Beaumaris, Duke of Cirencester, she is forced to play the hardest role of her life: that of the stunning but disloyal Paulette, the duke's widowed sister–in–law.

To regain the honour of his family, Beau needs Deb's help. But despite his intentions to let nothing distract him from his plan, he didn't bargain on the forbidden sparks that fly with his beautiful leading lady...

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About the author

Lucy Ashford

Lucy Ashford

Lucy Ashford, an English Studies lecturer, graduated in English with history at Nottingham University,and the Regency is her favourite period.  Lucy, who has always loved to immerse herself in historical romances, has had several novels published, but this is her first for Mills and Boon.  She lives with her husband in an old stone cottage in the Peak District, near to beautiful Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall, all of which give her a taste of the magic of life in a bygone age
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