Desert Rogues - 3 Book Box Set

Desert Rogues - 3 Book Box Set

Desert Rogues #0


by Susan Mallery


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2017-03-01

Pages: 672 Pages

ISBN: 9781489237507


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The Sheikh And The Runaway Princess

He'd kidnapped a princess!

How dare he! And how dare her body betray her so recklessly at Prince Kardal Khan's heated touch? How dare she feel cared for in her captor's tender embrace? All the lonely princess had ever wanted was someone to love her...but falling for the sexy sheikh who'd stolen her as his slave was out of the question!

He's rescued his wife!

He might be the Prince of the City of Thieves, but when it came to the half–American Princess Sabra whom he'd rescued from the desert, he wasn't stealing...he was claiming what was rightfully his. Because though she didn't know it, the stubborn beauty was betrothed to be his wife!

The Sheikh And The Virgin Secretary

The wedding of my dreams was only days away...until I discovered my fiancé had a nasty habit of infidelity. So to mend my wounded pride, I turned to the most eligible man I knew: my boss, Prince Rafiq of Lucia–Serrat! Although the dashingly handsome prince had enticed dozens of women, I had just one thing on my mind when I proposed becoming Rafiq's mistress: revenge on the man who'd humiliated me.

It was easier than I'd expected to go from Rafiq's chaste secretary to his lustful lover. What I didn't expect was to fall head over heels for a man who could give me anything I wanted, except for his heart...

The Sheikh And The Pregnant Bride

Maggie Collins had come to the exotic desert of El Deharia to do a job...not to get married. The no–frills American had been burned by love before, and marriage – even to a seductive sheikh – didn't top her to–do list. But then Prince Qadir made her an offer she should have refused.

It was meant to be a temporary engagement...until Maggie discovered she was pregnant. Now Qadir was honour–bound to give Maggie and her child the protection of his name. He never expected to be swept off his feet. Perhaps there would be a romantic royal wedding after all...

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Susan Mallery

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