British Bachelors

British Bachelors

Tea for two #0


by Cathy Williams, Maggie Cox, Nina Harrington


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2017-04-01

Pages: 544 Pages

ISBN: 9781489237811


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What His Money Can't Hide – Maggie Cox

Drake Ashton defied his underprivileged, unloved upbringing to become a world–famous architect. With a house in Mayfair and a platinum card to buy anything he wants, his past is well and truly behind him. Until he's called back home to revitalise his family's fortunes…

Layla Jerome has been duped by the trappings of wealth before. So when Drake strides into her small town like Midas himself, she's determined not to be branded by his touch. But that's more easily said than done…

His Temporary Mistress – Cathy Williams

Damien Carver is determined to prosecute the woman who stole from his company, and nothing the culprit's sister, Violet Drew, says or does will change his mind. But Violet's determination intrigues him enough to allow her to earn her sister's freedom…

Damien needs a temporary mistress, and Violet will fit the bill perfectly! Only, the cold–hearted CEO isn't prepared for sweet–natured Violet to turn the tables on his sensuous brand of blackmail…

Trouble On Her Doorstep – Nina Harrington

When gorgeous hotel magnate Sean Beresford arrives on the doorstep of Dee Flynn's teashop, it seems her luck's in. Right? Wrong! Sean's come to tell Dee he's cancelling her latest business venture!

Dee's not about to go under without a fight, and reluctantly Sean agrees to help her find a solution. He might dress in suits that would make even 007 jealous but he sets Dee's blood boiling – and her pulse racing! And that's before he kisses her…

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Nina Harrington

Nina Harrington

Nina Harrington grew up in rural Northumberland, England, and decided age eleven, that she was going to be a librarian, because then she could read all of the books in the public library whenever she wanted!Since then she has been a shop assistant, community pharmacist, technical writer, university lecturer, volcano walker, and Industrial scientist, before taking a career break to realise her dream of being a fiction writer.When she is not creating stories which make her readers smile, without the aid of pharmaceuticals, her hobbies are cooking, eating, enjoying good wine and talking, for which she has had specialist training.
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