Quills - In Need Of A Bride/Mistress Or Marriage?/The Unexpected B

Quills - In Need Of A Bride/Mistress Or Marriage?/The Unexpected B

Quills B Format #0


by Elizabeth Rolls


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2017-06-01

Pages: 592 Pages

ISBN: 9781489240958


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Mistress Or Marriage?

To ensure the succession of the Helford family line, it's imperative that David Melville, Viscount Helford should marry – and soon! He's determined to choose a wife of nobility and decorum as a matter of convenience – until his resolve is shaken to the core by the independent and fiery Miss Marsden.

Sophie's plain beauty, forthrightness and virtually penniless state are nothing Viscount Helford desires in a wife. But she stirs a passion in him he cannot resist. The solution seems easy, but to take her as his mistress would tarnish her good name – something he knows she can't afford to lose. But can he afford to lose her?

The Unexpected Bride

Did family honour really dictate that he marry the first eligible girl who could make intelligent conversation? The Earl of Darleston certainly hoped not, but there was no denying that he needed a bride. And Miss Phoebe Ffolliot seemed the ideal candidate for a marriage in name only.

Or so he thought. Until his bride brought a wolfhound to their wedding and he learned that he hadn't married Phoebe – but her twin, Penelope. But when Penelope revealed the reason behind the charade, Darleston knew his 'unexpected bride' deserved nothing less than his whole heart. Could he now turn a paper marriage into wedded bliss?

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About the author

Elizabeth Rolls

Elizabeth Rolls

Elizabeth Rolls taught music for several years and took a masters degree in musicology. A visit to an old school friend on a farm in south-western New South Wales resulted in writing her first Historical. Her friend was an avid fan of Regency romances and Elizabeth, who had shared this passion with her for years, decided to write one… and hasn’t looked back! Elizabeth and her family live in Melbourne. Readers can visit her website at: www.elizabethrolls.com
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