Moment Of Truth

Moment Of Truth


by Mandy Magro

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Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2017-12-01

Pages: 320 Pages

ISBN: 9781489241252


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The past she can't remember just won't let her go ...

Alexis Brown was thirteen when her parents were killed. The police labelled it a murder-suicide, but Alexis has grown up believing her loving father could never have hurt her mother. So when, seventeen years later, Alexis receives an anonymous note telling her the police were wrong and her parents were both murdered, she's determined to return to Blue Ridge and find out the truth.

When Alexis arrives at the newly renovated cottage hoping to awaken her lost memories, she can't help but notice how strong and handsome her childhood friend Ethan King has become. But she's not here for love. As soon as the truth is uncovered she has to return to her life, and falling for him would only leave her with a broken heart.

For Ethan, getting to know the resilient woman that Alexis has blossomed into leaves his world upside down. But as they spend the days together and with their mutual love for horses, it doesn't take long for Alexis and Ethan to discover their friendship is much more than they'd first thought ... But will it all be threatened by a shocking secret from all those years ago?


'A city girl to country escape tale, with a soft sprinkling of romance and a whisper of suspense ... If rural stories are your cup of tea, you need to pick up a Mandy Magro novel.' - Mrs B's Book Reviews

'Savannah's Secret is a story set in a small Australian country town, the local characters are likeable and extremely funny, and it has elements of romance, suspense and danger.' - Karen Reads Books

'Mandy Magro captures tragedy, suspense, heartache and second chances all in one read.' - Talking Books blog

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Mandy Magro

Mandy Magro

Mandy Magro lives in Cairns, Far North Queensland, with her fiance, Des, their daughter, Chloe Rose, and their two adorable pooches, Sophie and Sherlock. With pristine aqua-blue coastline in one direction and sweeping rural landscapes in the other, she describes her home as heaven on earth. A passionate woman and a romantic at heart, Mandy loves writing about soul-deep love, the Australian way of life, and the wonderful characters who call the country home.To find out more, visit Mandy on her website.You can also follow Mandy on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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