Saved By The Cowboy - 3 Book Box Set

Saved By The Cowboy - 3 Book Box Set

Lonetree Ranchers #0


by Kathie Denosky

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2017-09-01

Pages: 496 Pages

ISBN: 9781489246349


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Lonetree Ranchers: Brant

When Brant found a lady knocking on his hotel balcony door, he was intrigued. And when he discovered that Annie Devereaux was hiding from a spurned suitor, his code of honour demanded that he help her. But once he whisked her away to his ranch for safekeeping, he was besieged with yearnings and doubts.

But Annie affected him like no other woman ever had and the more time Brant spent with her, the more he realised that he couldn't let her go...

Lonetree Ranchers: Morgan

Morgan didn't know a thing about delivering babies, but when he came across a stranded woman in labour, he knew he was her only hope. And when the rugged rancher discovered that single mother Samantha and her brand–new son needed a place to stay, he felt duty–bound to offer his home.

Although Morgan had given up on ever being a husband or father, beautiful Samantha evoked his every masculine instinct – to protect, defend...and possess.

Lonetree Ranchers: Colt

All it took was one glance at the toddler in Kaylee Simpson's arms for Colt to know the two–year–old was his. Duty demanded that he do right by mother and child so he swept them off to his ranch to set up house.

Trouble was, being in such close proximity with Kaylee made Colt realise that she still stoked his passion and commandeered his dreams. He knew he'd do almost anything to win her trust and claim her as his own, once and for all!

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