Regency Admirer/The Merry Gentleman/The Gentleman's Demand

Regency Admirer/The Merry Gentleman/The Gentleman's Demand

Regency #0


by Meg Alexander

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2017-11-01

Pages: 600 Pages

ISBN: 9781489249616


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The Merry Gentleman

Naval officer Perry Wentworth was stunned to discover the lovely Elizabeth Grantham in his cabin after his ship had set sail, for he had refused her father's request that she be taken to England. Somehow, Elizabeth's father had outwitted them both and placed his daughter in a shocking and compromising position!

Keeping her presence a secret from the captain was a nightmare, for Elizabeth was no docile little maid. This ruthless imp of a woman kept Perry running for cover, until her welfare became his top priority. Yet, as scandal threatened Elizabeth's reputation, Perry could no longer allow her out of his sight – or out of his heart!

The Gentleman's Demand

If Sophie Firle consented to Nicholas Hatton's outrageous request, she would put her life – and her son's – in mortal danger. But could she refuse the opportunity to help trap the smugglers who murdered her husband?

Finding herself penniless, and faced with the reality of running a struggling inn, Sophie had no option but to agree to Nicholas's proposal. But the plan also meant that Nicholas would have to be a guest at the inn – and pose as her admirer! And he proved to be remarkably convincing…

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Meg Alexander

Meg Alexander

Meg Alexander has been writing since childhood. Her first efforts were plays to be performed by her brothers, sister and cousins as family entertainment at Christmas time.    She married at nineteen and had a son. During his childhood she concentrated on freelance journalism, writing on crime, psychology, gardening, travel and cookery. At thirty-eight the breakdown of her marriage brought the need to earn more money. For the next twenty years she claims to have ‘lived on her wits', becoming a representative for a textile firm in the north of England, and a professional cook in exalted circles. Then she...
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