Quills - Rogues And Goddesses

Quills - Rogues And Goddesses

English Rogues and Grecian Goddesses #0


by Liz Tyner


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2018-05-01

Pages: 560 Pages

ISBN: 9781489262950


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Safe In The Earl 's Arms

Melina's discovery of a priceless statue is her one hope of saving her family from ruin, if she can only persuade the Earl of Warrington to grant her safe passage on his ship to London. But Melina knows she's gone too far when he takes her for a lady of easy virtue!

Thrown together during the voyage, Warrington shockingly comes to realise his mistake. Now he's honour–bound to keep her safe. But thrust into London's social whirl, how long will it take before Melina discovers his scandalous, dark past?

A Captain And A Rogue

Captain Benjamin Forrester's mission is clear.

To do: Travel to the Greek island of Melos and recover a mysterious statue.

Not to do: Invoke the wrath of pirates by sailing away in the dead of night without the statue, but with a tempting yet completely forbidden stowaway!

Thessa Cherroll desperately needs Ben's help, so with the wind at their back, they set sail for the horizon. But in such close quarters, can either resist the temptations that surface during those long, hot days – and nights – at sea?

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Liz Tyner

Liz Tyner

Liz Tyner grew up on a farm in Oklahoma fascinated by stories and storytelling. By the time she was in high school, Liz often read a book each day, collected romance novels and decided she would write a manuscript someday. She and her husband live on an acreage where she enjoys spending her evening gazing at stars, sitting around a campfire, or at a concert where it's prudent to wear hearing protection.Visit Liz at liztyner.com.
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