A McKettrick Homecoming - 2 Book Box Set

A McKettrick Homecoming - 2 Book Box Set

McKettricks of Texas #0

by Linda Lael Miller


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2018-06-01

Pages: 586 Pages

ISBN: 9781489265579


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Sierra's Homecoming

Sierra McKettrick felt like a fraud. She might be moving to her family's ancestral ranch with her son, but being a McKettrick by blood wasn't enough to make her fit in. To make matters worse, from the moment she'd met the Triple M's ranch hand, he had gotten under her skin. With his rugged body and tender compassion, Travis Reid was a temptation she didn't need, or want.

But as Sierra began to form a connection to one of her ancestors, Hannah McKettrick – also a woman with a young son and an inconvenient attraction to the wrong man – she started to realise that there were some bonds that even time couldn't break. And there were some charmed places where even the loneliest of people could find home…and love.


There aren't enough hours in the day for everything divorced dad Tate McKettrick has to do: run the Silver Spur Ranch, do the suit–and–tie thing for his business and care for his adorable twin girls. But then Libby Remington returns to Blue River, Texas, and suddenly time seems to stand still.

Tate and Libby were high school sweethearts, but he was never able to convince Libby that he loved her. He still loves her and wants to try again, only Libby has her hands full taking care of her mother and running the Perk Up Coffee Shop. Caffeine, she needs. Tate McKettrick, not so much. Can they really hope for a second chance?

About the author

Linda Lael Miller

Linda Lael Miller

New York Times-bestselling author, Linda Lael Miller was born and raised in Northport, Washington. The author of over 50 novels and the daughter of a U.S. marshal, Linda has bid farewell to her home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and returned to her rural, Western roots. On the horse property in the arid Arizona desert, Linda now enjoys riding her horse Skye in the early morning sun. She has finally come home to the lifestyle that has inspired numerous award-winning historical novels including those set in the Old West.
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