A Sweet Surrender

by Betty Neels

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Release date: 2018-07-01

Pages: 512 Pages

ISBN: 9781489267122


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A Valentine For Daisy

Arrogant, overbearing and dictatorial! What was there to like about brilliant paediatrician Dr Valentine Seymour? Not much, Daisy Pelham had to admit. Yet, his small patients seemed to adore him. Daisy was mystified. She could only think that perhaps there was another side to him, one that he didn't want her to see...

Dearest Mary Jane

With a sister like Felicity – a successful, glamorous model – Mary Jane is used to being the girl no one pays a second glance to. Yet when fate throws her into the path of handsome Sir Thomas Latimear, she dares to dream the stern doctor might one day see more in her…

Discovering Sir Thomas is engaged to Felicity, Mary Jane is determined to deny her feelings for him. But does the aloof consultant secretly want her in return?

Enchanting Samantha

Staff nurse Samantha Fielding had one golden rule: never get involved. It wasn't easy to follow, though, with the attractive Giles ter Ossel around. Samantha was determined not to let her feelings for Giles affect the way she treated Antonia, the girl she thought was his fiancée. So, she agreed to return to Holland and nurse Antonia through her recovery. But Samantha's calm and professional exterior hid a breaking heart. Meanwhile, Giles was determined to be happily married…to the right girl!

About the author

Betty Neels

Betty Neels

Romance readers around the world were sad to note the passing of Betty Neels in June 2001.Her career spanned thirty years, and she continued to write into her ninetieth year.To her millions of fans, Betty epitomized the romance writer.Betty’s first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam,was published in 1969, and she eventually completed 134 books.Her novels offer a reassuring warmth that was very much a part of her own personality.Her spirit and genuine talent live on in all her stories.
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