The Billionaire's Acquisition/The Talk Of Hollywood/A Devilishly Dark Deal/How To Bag A Billionaire

The Billionaire's Acquisition/The Talk Of Hollywood/A Devilishly Dark Deal/How To Bag A Billionaire

A Deal With the Devil #0

by Carole Mortimer, Maggie Cox, Nina Milne


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2018-08-01

Pages: 576 Pages

ISBN: 9781489268938


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The Talk Of Hollywood – Carole Mortimer

From his latest sports car to his latest blonde, gossip surrounds infamous Hollywood actor and director Jaxon Wilder. Unnamed sources are speculating about an unknown beauty that Jaxon is determined to get to know…intimately!

Except Stazy, infuriatingly, is nothing like his usual conquests. To Jaxon's disgust she demands an equal stake in his project – they'll have to work side by side for months! Jaxon agrees to a professional partnership…knowing that however hard Stazy tries to resist, eventually they'll tantalise the tabloids with a scandalous affair – on and off the red carpet!

A Devilishly Dark Deal – Maggie Cox

Having made his fortune from nothing, billionaire Marco Aguilar has wiped the dirt of a poverty–stricken childhood from his expensive shoes. Now he can have anything he wants – and his next acquisition is beautiful charity worker Grace Faulkner. He'll finance her beloved orphanage if she agrees to become his mistress!

Only Grace's sweet, selfless nature – and the fire she ignites with her touch – shakes his iron defences to the core. Tortured Marco has been driven by demons for so long…can he be saved by this innocent angel?

How To Bag A Billionaire – Nina Milne

Another 'billionaire bagger' – caught climbing through the restroom window! Except Olivia Evans has no interest in billionaires, even those as delicious as Adam Masterson. She just wants to track down Adam's father and if crashing a super swanky party is the way to do it, so be it!

Only she's caught red–handed by Adam himself, and he has a proposition for her. He'll help Olivia in her quest – but only if she poses as his adoring girlfriend for the press. It's a deal she can't refuse…even if it comes with a whole heap of trouble!

About the author

Nina Milne

Nina Milne

Nina Milne has loved Mills & Boon, since as a child she discovered stacks of M&B books ‘hidden’ in the airing cupboard so is thrilled to now write for them. Nina spent her childhood in England, US and France. Since then she has acquired an English degree, 1 hero-husband, 3 gorgeous children and a house in Brighton where she plans to stay. After all she can now transport herself via her characters to anywhere in the world whilst sitting in pyjamas in her study. Bliss!
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