The King's Captive Virgin

The King's Captive Virgin

by Natalie Anderson


Imprint: Mills & Boon Modern

Release date: 2018-09-01

Pages: 288 Pages

ISBN: 9781489269997


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A woman untouched…awakened by her king!

Kassie's scandalous family has left her craving a life in the shadows, not the spotlight. Then King Giorgos Nicolaides kidnaps her, demanding information about his missing sister! She knows nothing – but their potent attraction unlocks a desire Kassie never thought possible. A deal is struck – she will help protect his sister's reputation, and Giorgos will introduce Kassie to the decadent pleasure only he can arouse in her…

About the author

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson

Like many a modern day Mills & Boon author Natalie has her grandmother to thank for introducing her to the world of fabulously rich heroes, beautiful heroines and toe curling passion. As a teen she alternated between her Mills & Boons, Lucy Walkers, Georgette Heyers, Elizabeth Cadells, Mary Stewarts and Agatha Christies and the supposedly more 'serious' classics. But it was either the romance or detective stories that she'd turn to on those days when she wanted a relaxing read.Natalie loves genre fiction - the getting to know where a story's going to end up, but having no idea how...
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