Reasons For Revenge/Scorned By The Boss/Seduced By The Rich Man/Captured By The Billionaire

Reasons For Revenge/Scorned By The Boss/Seduced By The Rich Man/Captured By The Billionaire

Reasons for Revenge #1

by Maureen Child


Imprint: Mills & Boon By Request

Release date: 2018-10-01

Pages: 552 Pages

ISBN: 9781489272447


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Scorned By The Boss

Shipping tycoon Jefferson Lyon wasn’t a man who took no for an answer. So when his faithful secretary finally had enough of his difficult ways and quit, he followed her on vacation.

There’d be no relaxing for Jefferson...he was playing at seduction in order to get Caitlyn back to work. But his ex-assistant was turning out to be more determined and more desirable than the arrogant millionaire had ever realised.

Seduced By The Rich Man

There was little left that could surprise Janine Shaker — except for billionaire Max Striver suddenly proposing a fake marriage.

Max knew that Janine wasn’t in a position to refuse his offer — or his bed. But then their make-believe marriage became more passionate than either anticipated. Would it cause them to forget this was all just a game of pretend?

Captured By The Billionaire

Billionaire Gabriel Vaughn had all but forgotten the past...until Debbie Harris arrived at his luxury resort. She’d walked away from him once, but now he wasn’t letting her leave his island without exacting his own brand of revenge — the ultimate seduction.

Debbie realised Gabriel would only release her if she revealed the true reasons she’d left him years ago. But could she resist their heated attraction long enough to learn if Gabriel had a deeper motive for making her the billionaire’s captive?

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Maureen Child

Maureen Child

I'm a romance writer who believes in happily ever after and the chance to achieve your dreams through hard work, perseverance, and belief in oneself. I'm also a busy mom, wife, employee, and brand new author for Harlequin Desire, so I understand life's complications and the struggle to keep those dreams alive in the midst of chaos. I hope you'll join me as I explore the many experiences of my own journey through the valley of homework, dirty dishes, demanding characters, and the ticking clock. Check out the blog every Monday for fun, updates, and other cool stuff.
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