Spanish Bachelors

Spanish Bachelors

Expecting! #24

by Helen Bianchin, Cathy Williams, Rebecca Winters


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2018-10-01

Pages: 544 Pages

ISBN: 9781489273048


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Kept By The Spanish Billionaire – Cathy Williams

Multimillionaire businessman and playboy Rafael Vives is deliciously impressed by beautiful Amy — and instantly resolves to keep her as his mistress of the moment!

Showered with jewels and gifts of the most luxurious kind, Amy knows that she has what most women dream of. But she longs to be much more than just the billionaire’s playmate.

The Spaniard’s Baby Bargain – Helen Bianchin

Ariane Celeste is a Sydney TV reporter sent to interview a rags-to-riches tycoon, but she’s surprised to find out that he’s a devoted father in a fix!

His baby girl is adorable, and Ariane is persuaded to look after her temporarily. But Manolo is a man who recognises a good deal when he sees one, and he wants to keep Ariane. So he wastes no time in thinking up a way for her to take over permanently!

Crazy About Her Spanish Boss – Rebecca Winters

Count Remi, a Spaniard who is as proud as he is passionate, works the land of his ancestors and lives for the Soleado Goyo olive estate. Jillian Gray, meanwhile, has gone to Spain to make a fresh start.

When Remi crashes into Jillian’s car it’s not part of the plan, and when he offers her a job she knows he has only hired her out of guilt. It’s clear he’s a man used to doing things alone, yet amid the silvery olive groves Jillian brings new ideas and a zest for life into Remi’s estate.

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