Wicked Temptations/Whose Bed Is It Anyway?/Dating And Other Dangers/Nice Girls Finish Last

Wicked Temptations/Whose Bed Is It Anyway?/Dating And Other Dangers/Nice Girls Finish Last

The Men of Manhattan #1

by Natalie Anderson


Imprint: Mills & Boon By Request

Release date: 2018-11-01

Pages: 560 Pages

ISBN: 9781489274212


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Whose Bed Is It Anyway?

Returning home after a daring rescue mission, James Wolf is furious to find a beautiful stranger curled up in his king-size bed! No woman gets between his sheets without prior invitation — who does she think she is?

Disgraced celebrity Caitlin Moore was offered a place to stay and she won’t give it up, not with the paparazzi outside baying for her blood. Reluctantly, she agrees to share the apartment with James, but keeping to their own sides of the bed might prove impossible…

Dating And Other Dangers

Nadia Keenan is corporate HR by day, web-dating warrior by night — she runs WomanBWarned.com, where bad-date stories are aired and shared to help other women avoid the same pitfalls.

Ethan Rush, serial dater-and-dumper and utterly gorgeous, has just found out he’s been trashed — repeatedly — on Nadia’s website and he’s not happy. Both know they’re in the right. Neither is ready to back down. Let the battle of the dates begin!

Nice Girls Finish Last

After one wild and heartbreaking affair in her past, Lena now prides herself on her iron self-control. Working for the hottest sports team in New Zealand, it’s all testosterone and no touching!

Spending day in, day out in the boys’ locker rooms, Lena thinks she’s immune to even the most honed set of abs. Then Seth saunters into her life, and suddenly her inner bad girl is back in the game…

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Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson

USA Today bestselling author Natalie Anderson writes emotional contemporary romance full of sparkling banter, sizzling heat and uplifting endings--perfect for readers who love to escape with empowered heroines and arrogant alphas who are too sexy for their own good.When not writing you'll find her wrangling her 4 children, 3 cats, 2 goldish and 1 dog... and snuggled in a heap on the sofa with her husband at the end of the day.Follow her at www.natalie-anderson.com.
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