A Change Of Heart/The Daddy Makeover/His Second-Chance Family/A Soldier's Secret

A Change Of Heart/The Daddy Makeover/His Second-Chance Family/A Soldier's Secret

The Women of Brambleberry House #1

by RaeAnne Thayne


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2018-12-01

Pages: 640 Pages

ISBN: 9781489275851


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The Daddy Makeover

Hotel mogul Eben Spencer had learned long ago to keep his eye on the ball and his emotions under wraps. But all it had brought him was one beloved, if unhappy, little girl, and one shattered marriage. And he was not about to embark on another one anytime soon...

But then he met Sage Benedetto. His bewitching neighbour was everything Eben was not – warm, emotional, open. But it was her connection with his little girl that caught Eben’s interest. Maybe this new acquaintance was worth pursuing!

His Second-Chance Family

When she was sixteen Julia Blair found more than fun in the sun on the sands of Cannon Beach. She found a home – especially in the arms of her teenage crush, Will Garrett.

Now she’s thirty-two and back in Cannon Beach with her two little children in tow. Only to find Will there, too – battered and bruised. Julia believed he could still make all her dreams come true – but would Will let her into his heart to do the same for him?

A Soldier’s Secret

To find out who was claiming ownership of the only place he’d ever called home, Lieutenant Harry Maxwell knew he’d have to practise a little deception. It was all for a good cause – get in, get the truth, get out.

Until he met the Brambleberry House heir presumptive. Anna Galvez was captivating in ways he hadn’t even known existed. Still, after spending time with her, he wanted the house more than ever – but only if Anna was in it...

About the author

RaeAnne Thayne

RaeAnne Thayne

New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne finds inspiration in the beautiful northern Utah mountains where she lives with her family. Her books have won numerous honors, including six RITA Award nominations from Romance Writers of America and Career Achievement and Romance Pioneer awards from RT Book Reviews. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at www.raeannethayne.com.
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