The Jarrods Temptation Bks 1-3/Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright/Falling For His Proper Mistress/Expecting the Rancher's Heir

The Jarrods Temptation Bks 1-3/Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright/Falling For His Proper Mistress/Expecting the Rancher's Heir

Dynasties: The Jarrods #0

by Maureen Child, Tessa Radley, Kathie Denosky

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2019-02-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489280213


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Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright - Maureen Child

The revelation turned Erica Prentice's world upside down - by birth, she belonged to a wealthy Colorado dynasty, her real father had left her a fortune and Jarrod family attorney Christian Hanford was there to show her the ropes. As Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome escorted her around Aspen, Erica was in for a second shock - her fiery attraction to the strictly off-limits attorney. Fraternising with the Jarrod heiress could get Christian fired. Which would she choose: duty to her family dynasty...or desire for a dynamic bachelor?

Falling For His Proper Mistress - Tessa Radley

It had been forty-nine days - and nights - since Guy Jarrod last touched Avery Lancaster. Yes, the successful businessman had believed the rumours of her gold-digging ways, but she was an itch he needed to scratch. And being forced to work with her during Aspen's food and wine gala meant she was right within his reach. Once he finally had his fill, he would send her on her way...out of his life for good. But what if the rumours were false? Had he made a mistress out of the woman who should have been his wife?

Expecting The Rancher's Heir - Kathie DeNosky

Melissa Jarrod treasured her secret no-strings affair with rich rancher Shane McDermott. Then a pregnancy test rocked the Aspen heiress's world. An out-of-wedlock baby would spook conservative investors in her family's luxury resort business just as she and her siblings were settling in to run Jarrod Ridge. But Shane was a man of honour - curbing his playboy ways and proposing came naturally. For Shane, this was strictly a marriage of convenience. Melissa, on the other hand, wouldn't settle for anything less than love - for her and her child.

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Maureen Child

Maureen Child

I'm a romance writer who believes in happily ever after and the chance to achieve your dreams through hard work, perseverance, and belief in oneself. I'm also a busy mom, wife, employee, and brand new author for Harlequin Desire, so I understand life's complications and the struggle to keep those dreams alive in the midst of chaos. I hope you'll join me as I explore the many experiences of my own journey through the valley of homework, dirty dishes, demanding characters, and the ticking clock. Check out the blog every Monday for fun, updates, and other cool stuff.
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Tessa Radley

Tessa Radley

Tessa Radley loves traveling, reading and watching the world around her. As a teen, Tessa wanted to be a foreign correspondent. But after completing a bachelor of arts degree and marrying her sweetheart, she ended up practicing as an attorney in a city firm. A break spent traveling through Australia re-awoke the yen to write. When she's not reading, traveling or writing, she's spending time with her husband, her two sons or her friends. Find out more at
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