The Maverick's Summer Sweetheart

The Maverick's Summer Sweetheart

Montana Mavericks #0

by Stacy Connelly

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Cherish

Release date: 2019-06-01

Pages: 224 Pages

ISBN: 9781489286079


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Romancing the would-be cowgirl!

It's summertime in Rust Creek Falls and Gemma Chapman is here on her honeymoon...alone. And the town gossips are a-twitter about the jilted city girl who has been spotted with local single dad and rancher Hank Harlow! His daughter Janie is doing her darnedest to play matchmaker for them, but is she leading her papa down the trail to disappointment? Or will this can-do cowboy lasso Gemma's wary heart for good?

About the author

Stacy Connelly

Stacy Connelly

Stacy Connelly dreamed of publishing books since she was a kid writing about a girl and her horse. Eventually, boys made it onto the page as she discovered a love of romance and the promise of happily-ever-after.In 2008, that dream came true when she sold All She Wants for Christmas to Silhouette Special Edition.When she is not lost in the land of make-believe, Stacy lives in Arizona with her two spoiled dogs.
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