Between the Lines

Between the Lines

by Lauren Hawkeye


Imprint: Mills & Boon Dare

Release date: 2019-07-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489287670


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'You're here because you want me.' A sizzling tale of one wicked woman from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye.

As 'Jojo Kink', writer Jo Marchande writes about wild, sexy adventures. Only Jo hasn't really experienced anything remotely naughty. That is, until a moment of illicit voyeurism reunites her with Theo Lawrence, the boy she once loved. Now their 'unfinished business' is Jo's chance to experience firsthand the wickedness she so craves...but at what cost?

About the author

Lauren Hawkeye

Lauren Hawkeye

A firm believer in the power of a woman's innate sexuality, Lauren originally intended to obtain a doctorate in sexology and become a sex therapist. Instead she was thrown head first into an accounting job (her worst nightmare). When it was gently suggested that perhaps numbers weren't her thing, the English minor made a return to words instead, and found that it was a much better fit.A self- professed "good girl", Lauren loves to take a walk on the wild side in her stories, and she lives vicariously through her kick butt heroines and the delectable men who want them.Lauren...
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