Quills - A Duty To Protect/In Debt to the Earl/The Chivalrous Rake

Quills - A Duty To Protect/In Debt to the Earl/The Chivalrous Rake

Lords at the Altar #0

by Elizabeth Rolls


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2019-07-01

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489288035


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In Debt To The Earl

In his quest for revenge against a disreputable card sharp, James, Earl of Cambourne, discovers the man's innocent daughter. While her surroundings are impoverished, her dignity and refinement are unmistakable, and James faces an unsettling question – what will be her fate if he brings her father to justice?

Although yearning for love and comfort, Lucy resists the earl's surprising offer of protection. That is, until a price is made on her virginity, and James is the only man who can save her.

The Chivalrous Rake

With a broken collarbone, Jack Hamilton was in no mood to have relatives arrive on his doorstep. But the Reverend Dr Bramley and his daughter were practically penniless, so he couldn't just turn them away. They had obviously left their previous home, with Cressida's reputation in tatters.

And then Jack learnt the true reason for their plight, and his chivalrous nature took over. Cressida was in need of a husband...but was he in need of a wife?

About the author

Elizabeth Rolls

Elizabeth Rolls

Elizabeth Rolls taught music for several years and took a masters degree in musicology. A visit to an old school friend on a farm in south-western New South Wales resulted in writing her first Historical. Her friend was an avid fan of Regency romances and Elizabeth, who had shared this passion with her for years, decided to write one… and hasn’t looked back! Elizabeth and her family live in Melbourne. Readers can visit her website at: www.elizabethrolls.com
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