A Secret Shared.../Saving Maddie's Baby

A Secret Shared.../Saving Maddie's Baby

by Marion Lennox


Imprint: Mills & Boon - Australian Favourites

Release date: 2019-09-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489292438


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A Secret Shared...

Is a secret halved...?

High-flying oncologist professor Jack Kincaid isn’t convinced by the treatment offered at Dolphin Bay Healing Resort. But if there’s the slightest possibility that dolphins can help his little nephew Harry, he needs to give it a chance! Especially when he recognises beautiful therapist Dr Kate Martin - the woman he once knew as Cathy!

Jack can’t help but be intrigued, and he’s just as attracted to her as he always was. And when Kate reveals to him the devastating secret that she will do anything to escape, not only does she share her burden, but she starts to open up Jack’s locked-away heart, too...

Saving Maddie's Baby

A precious rescue...

Dr Maddie Haddon doesn’t think twice before running into Wildfire Island’s gold mine to save a life. But another rockfall leaves Maddie trapped inside - and this time it’s her turn to be saved...

Emergency medic Josh Campbell is used to working under pressure, but when he discovers that his latest call is to rescue his ex-wife, who is on the brink of labour, the stakes are higher than ever! Can Josh save Maddie and her baby...and heal their broken marriage, too?

About the author

Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox is a country girl, born on an Australian dairy farm. She moved on, because the cows just weren't interested in her stories! Married to a `very special doctor', she has also written under the name Trisha David. She’s now stepped back from her `other’ career teaching statistics. Finally, she’s figured what's important and discovered the joys of baths, romance and chocolate. Preferably all at the same time! Marion is an international award winning author.
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