Trusting Her Heart/Secrets Behind Locked Doors/Under a Desert Moon

Trusting Her Heart/Secrets Behind Locked Doors/Under a Desert Moon

by Laura Martin


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2019-09-01

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489292599


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Secrets Behind Locked Doors

From the darkest of the dazzling world of the ton.

After a year wrongfully imprisoned in an asylum, Louisa Turnhill can't believe it when Robert, Lord Fleetwood arrives to rescue her. As her new guardian, he's there to take Louisa to his London townhouse - and a different life.

Thrust into an unknown world of debutantes and balls, Louisa starts to put her trust in Robert. But his life is tainted with darkness too, and with society’s eyes upon them, will they ever be able to shake off the secrets that once lurked behind locked doors?

Under A Desert Moon

Emma Knight's wish list:

1. Realise a lifelong dream to travel to the magnificent Egyptian desert.

2. Locate an undiscovered tomb by following her father's ancient map.

3. Avoid all men, especially charming ones - experience tells her they're the most dangerous!

Emma needs a guide to fulfil her quest, but treasure hunter Sebastian Oakfield is the last person she would choose! He's charming, he's arrogant and his roguish grin makes Emma want to throw caution to the wind. Maybe one night of pure indulgence should be put on her wish list after all!

About the author

Laura Martin

Laura Martin

Born and bred on the South Coast of England into a family of two loving parents and a spirited older sister, books were a feature of Laura's life from early on. One of her earliest memories involves sitting with the family on a rainy Sunday afternoon listening to the exploits of a clumsy but lovable stuffed bear and his assorted cuddly friends.Laura's first ambition was to be a doctor, and in 2006 she went off to Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Medical school in London to study medicine. It was whilst she was earning her degree she discovered her love...
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