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Home On The Ranch

Callahan Cowboys #0

by Stella Bagwell, Cathy Gillen Thacker, Tina Leonard

Deal Price: $8.99

Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2019-09-01

Pages: 576 Pages

ISBN: 9781489292629


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The Cowboy's Bonus Baby - Tina Leonard

No woman's going to hogtie Creed Callahan into getting hitched. Even if it means losing his claim on Rancho Diablo, the New Mexico spread that whichever of his six brothers marries and has the most children will inherit. Come hell or high water, Creed plans to be the last single man standing. Until sweet temptation comes knocking...

Preacher Aberdeen Donovan is just fine tending her flock and getting ready to adopt her three nieces. Her job description does not include saving some incorrigible cowboy from himself. But there's something about a little competition that makes the devil-may-care bachelor change his mind about needing a wife. And marriage would help Aberdeen provide a home for the little girls. Not to mention, for the little secret that's on the way...

The Triplets' First Thanksgiving - Cathy Gillen Thacker

The baby buggy containing the pink-clad triplets arrives at the ranch with a note asking Kurt McCabe to step up to the plate. He'd never turn his back on a person - or three miniature persons - in need. But he can't do it alone. That's where Paige Chamberlain comes in.

The pediatric surgeon is ready to start her own family, with or without a husband. But foster parenting the adorable infant girls, even temporarily, is an offer no woman who longs for a child can resist. They may or may not be his, but Kurt's getting used to having the tiny tykes - and Paige - around the ranch. And he just thought of the perfect solution!

Lone Star Daddy - Stella Bagwell

Babysitting a woman about to give birth was the last thing Jonas Redman needed. The undercover ranger had come to Chaparral Ranch on a perilous mission; he couldn’t afford any distractions. And sweet, alluring Alexa Cantrell was one distracting woman!

When Alexa came home to New Mexico, she didn’t expect to clash with the new ranch manager. He seemed determined to protect her. But the handsome cowboy was hiding something...

About the author

Stella Bagwell

Stella Bagwell

The author of over seventy-five titles for Harlequin, Stella Bagwell writes about familes, the West, strong, silent men of honor and the women who love them. She credits her loyal readers and hopes her stories have brightened their lives in some small way. A cowgirl through and through, she recently learned how to rope a steer. Her days begin and end helping her husband on their south Texas ranch. In between she works on her next tale of love. Contact her at [email protected]
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