Big Sky Bounty Hunters/Going to Extremes/Bullseye/Warrior Spirit

Big Sky Bounty Hunters/Going to Extremes/Bullseye/Warrior Spirit

Big Sky Bounty Hunters #0

by Cassie Miles, Amanda Stevens, Jessica Andersen


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2019-10-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489293985


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Going To Extremes – Amanda Stevens

When investigative reporter Kaitlyn Wilson’s nose for the news lured her into trouble, Bounty Hunter Aiden Campbell found himself rescuing her. And when her fragmented memories recalled a grisly crime carried out by the very militia members he hunted, his protective instincts kicked into high gear. Spiriting Kaitlyn away to a safe house, Aiden soon realised that it wasn’t just their lives in danger – but also their hearts!

Bullseye – Jessica Anderson

Tough. Tenacious. True blue. Secret Service agent Isabella Gray knew those traits described bounty hunter Jacob Powell to a T. When the secretary of defence’s family was ambushed on her watch, she knew she needed the sexy ex-Special Forces soldier’s help. But their rescue mission led to a harrowing plane crash, and the discovery of pent-up emotions. Could Jacob and Isabella’s red-hot passion for each other chase away the chill of terror?

Warrior Spirit – Cassie Miles

As one of Big Sky’s boldest bounty hunters, Trevor Blackhaw lived by his own rules – until the iron hearted warrior was shaken to the core by the fierce protectiveness that Sierra Collins stirred in him. After a sinister manoeuvre allowed the enemy to gain the upper hand, Trevor stood guard over the tempestuous beauty, and vowed to employ all his specialised skills to capture his prey and rescue the lady he loved!

About the author

Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens is an award-winning author of over fifty novels. Born and raised in the rural south, she now resides in Houston, Texas.
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Jessica Andersen

Jessica Andersen

A lifelong New Englander, Jessica Andersen received a PhD in genetics from Tufts, but when the committee head said her thesis “read like a mystery novel,” she admitted she was also writing romance. She now writes full time, and has penned more than thirty science-themed intrigues and paranormal thrillers that have hit the bestseller lists and been nominated for numerous awards. She lives in CT with a cast of four-legged friends, and is hard at work on her next novel!
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