A Family For Christmas/The Nanny Who Saved Christmas/Her Festive Doorstep Baby/Merry Christmas, Baby Maverick!

A Family For Christmas/The Nanny Who Saved Christmas/Her Festive Doorstep Baby/Merry Christmas, Baby Maverick!

by Kate Hardy, Michelle Douglas, Brenda Harlen

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2019-11-01

Pages: 568 Pages

ISBN: 9781489296481


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The Nanny Who Saved Christmas - Michelle Douglas

This Christmas, Nicola McGillroy is determined to be a great nanny to Cade Hindmarsh’s two adorable little girls – and forget her horrible ex-fiancé, along with the fact that she should have been planning her own wedding right now. Only problem is her attraction to her gorgeous, off-limits boss...surely this is just rebound, not true love – for both of them?

Her Festive Doorstep Baby - Kate Hardy

It should have been carol singers waking Amy Howes on Christmas Eve. Instead, when adorable baby Hope is left on her doorstep, Amy knows she must rescue her, if only for one night. Luckily, her enigmatic but gorgeous neighbour Dr Josh Farnham is able to lend a helping hand...

Although Josh and Amy have demons of their own to fight, they forge a bond that is as unexpected as it is heart-stopping. This little Hope could change their lives forever!

Merry Christmas, Baby Maverick! - Brenda Harlen

There’s no place like home for the holidays. But Trey Strickland’s house is about to become a bit more crowded than he anticipated. The sexy Thunder Canyon rancher has no idea he will soon be a father.

But just who is carrying Trey’s baby? Dear readers, the answer may shock you! Let’s just say that it is someone well known to this reporter. Our mystery mama can’t figure out how to tell Trey she is in a family way after their one night together. What will happen when the truth comes out? Will her cowboy crush race off for parts unknown, or will he deliver the perfect Christmas proposal in a tiny velvet box?

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Michelle Douglas

Michelle Douglas

When MICHELLE DOUGLAS was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she answered, “A writer.” Years later she read an article about romance writing and thought, ooh that’ll be fun. She was right. She lives in a leafy suburb of Newcastle on Australia’s east coast with her own romantic hero who is the inspiration behind all her happy endings. Visit Michelle at her website www.michelle-douglas.com
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Brenda Harlen

Brenda Harlen

Brenda Harlen is a multi-award winning author for Harlequin Special Edition who has written over 25 books for the company.
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