Home On The Ranch Secret Desires/Ramona and the Renegade/Her Secret, His Baby/Reuniting with the Rancher

Home On The Ranch Secret Desires/Ramona and the Renegade/Her Secret, His Baby/Reuniting with the Rancher

Forever, Texas #0

by Marie Ferrarella, Rachel Lee, Tanya Michaels


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2019-11-18

Pages: 576 Pages

ISBN: 9781489298409


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Ramona And The Renegade - Marie Ferrarella

Deputy Joe Lone Wolf never would’ve guessed that helping someone at the side of the road in a thunderstorm would throw his carefully controlled world into a tailspin. But that’s exactly what happens when he realizes the sexy ‘stranger’ is his childhood best friend, Ramona. He’s spent years convincing himself that she deserves more than a former rebel with a scarred past. But all it takes is one stormy night in a deserted cabin with Ramona to make the fierce lawman change his mind.

Falling for Joe is a risk veterinarian Ramona Santiago knows she shouldn’t take. Everyone she’s trusted has let her down and left her alone...except him. Can she possibly hope that she and Joe were always meant to be more than friends?

The Bull Rider’s Twins - Tina Leonard

Finding Darla Cameron warming his bed is a sight Judah Callahan will never forget. How can a red-blooded cowboy say no? Especially when Judah has desired Darla from afar for years. Only now she’s having his babies...and planning on tying the knot with another man. Over his dead body!

The die-hard bachelor was even willing to give up his share of his family’s New Mexico ranch to his five brothers so he could stay footloose and fancy-free. Now all Judah can think about is getting Darla down that aisle...with him. Can he get her to believe in their future together? He’ll bet the ranch on it!

Reuniting With The Rancher - Rachel Lee

‘I love you.’ Ten years ago rancher Cliff Martin said those three little words to Holly Heflin. But all she said was ‘goodbye.’ She ran from Conard County fast as a jackrabbit, leaving Cliff with a broken heart. But Cliff never forgot the one that got away...

Now Holly has returned to settle her aunt’s estate – and Cliff is the executor. Her matchmaking aunt and his jealous ex-wife are the least of Holly’s problems. Everywhere there are memories...and Cliff. But he’s still a small-town rancher with roots and she’s a big-city girl with a ticket home. She’s got two weeks to avoid the sexy cowboy...but what if she can’t?

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Tanya Michaels

Tanya Michaels

Tanya Michaels is an award-winning author of over forty romances, a six-time RITA nominee and the mom of two highly imaginative kids. Alas, Tanya's hobbies of reading, oil-painting and cooking keep her much too busy to iron clothes. She and her husband are living out their slightly wrinkled happily-ever-after in Atlanta, but you can always find Tanya on Twitter, where she chats with followers about books, family and TV shows ranging from Outlander to iZombie.
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