Their Twin Christmas Surprise/Twins on the Doorstep/Christmas with Carlie/Twins for a Christmas Bride

Their Twin Christmas Surprise/Twins on the Doorstep/Christmas with Carlie/Twins for a Christmas Bride

Forever, Texas #0

by Marie Ferrarella, Josie Metcalfe, Julianna Morris


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2019-12-01

Pages: 576 Pages

ISBN: 9781489298461


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Twins On The Doorstep - Marie Ferrarella

When newborn twins mysteriously appear on Cole McCullough’s doorstep, everyone at the Healing Ranch, including Cole, starts to wonder...could they be his? Why else would someone leave them there? Cole knows there must be another explanation. Unless...

The only woman that Cole’s been that close to is Stacy Rowe – the one he cared for deeply, and deeply regrets losing. But Stacy hasn’t been in Forever in...forever. Eight months, to be exact. And while the math adds up, nothing else does! She would never abandon two little babies that way – she’s said as much. But she does seem awfully keen to help him care for them. And the closer their odd little family grows, the more Cole has to wonder...

Christmas With Carlie - Julianna Morris

Widower Luke Forrester’s fortune can’t buy happiness, but he’s counting on it to give his twin daughters the magical Christmas they deserve at Poppy Gold Inns. Activities director Carlie Benton, with her upbeat seasonal spirit, definitely isn’t impressed by money. She’s all about holiday cheer and he can’t resist.

While Luke and Carlie try to restore the sparkle in his kids’ eyes, the heat between them melts the winter chill. And in the season of miracles, anything is possible – including a tempting second chance at love.

Twins For A Christmas Bride - Josie Metcalfe

Dr Sara Walker would do anything for her twin sister. Including carrying a baby for her because she cannot have a child of her own – even though the father, Dr Daniel Lomax, is the only man Sara has ever loved...

But when tragedy throws Sara and Dan together, Dan is forced to admit what he’s known all along – he should have married Sara. As Christmas approaches, and the birth of the twins Sara is carrying grows imminent, Dan knows he must put this situation right if he and Sara are to have the most special Christmas gift of all – a family together...

About the author

Josie Metcalfe

Josie Metcalfe

Several years ago Josie Metcalfe had a blood transfusion during an operation and went into anaphylactic shock. Afterwards, she discovered that she could no longer read. When her husband came home with a bag full of Mills & Boons it took a solid month of blood, sweat, and tears to finish reading the first one, but by the time she was fit to work again she had read them all and was hooked. Then her husband nudged her into action by daring her to write them, too! And the rest is history!
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Julianna Morris

Julianna Morris

Julianna Morris has had over twenty books published and been a Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick. Her Harlequin SuperRomance novel, Jake's Biggest Risk, was a Romantic Times 2014 nominee for a Reviewer's Choice Best Book award. Julianna's books have been praised for their emotional content, humorous touches, and strong characters. Be sure to visit her Facebook page at .
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