Unexpected Gift

Unexpected Gift

by Delores Fossen


Imprint: Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

Release date: 2019-11-18

Pages: 80 Pages

ISBN: 9781489299734


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In this classic Christmas tale from USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen, an Air Force Captain returns home...and discovers he's now a daddy!

After a yearlong deployment, Air Force Captain Gabe Brenner returns to Texas a hero. And brings with him a Christmas message to deliver to his best friend's sister, Kelly Coburn. But seeing Kelly again brings back all the old feelings – and reminds him of the one-night stand they shared just before he left. Still, a camera crew is there to capture every moment of his momentous homecoming, so now isn't the time to relive the past. That is, until he learns Kelly's had her own delivery in his absence: beautiful baby Noel, Gabe's daughter!

Originally published in 2014.

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