by Erica Orloff


Imprint: Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense

Release date: 2011-09-01

Pages: 304 Pages

ISBN: 9781742896236


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Don't let the knockout looks fool you

Jackie 'Jack' Rooney packs a punch, and it's made her the top boxing trainer in Vegas. But when an old friend shows up on her doorstep, daughter in tow, Jack gets thrown into the fight of her life.

Suddenly she becomes guardian to Destiny, the little girl who witnessed a mob hit. The same mobsters who framed Jack's father years ago.

Together with her hunky cop beau, Jack is determined to protect Destiny, bring the criminals to justice and clear her father's name. Seems like a lot for one girl to handle? Well, you don't know Jack

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Erica Orloff

Erica Orloff

Erica Orloff is a native New Yorker, novelist, blogger, mother of four, chronic insomniac, alt-rock loving, voracious reader (and prolific writer) who has written over twenty novels across a number of genres and pen names. She currently lives in Virginia where she rarely sleeps, roots for the Yankees and the NY Giants, knits in her almost-never free time, herds worms with her six-year-old Pirate Boy, and tries to hold onto what little sanity she has left.
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