Their Greek Island Reunion

Their Greek Island Reunion


by Carol Grace


Imprint: Mills & Boon Forever Romance

Release date: 2012-01-01

Pages: 252 Pages

ISBN: 9781742914268


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Their Greek Island Reunion

Carol Grace

Jack and Olivia's fairytale wedding seems like a distant memory and their marriage looks to be almost over...

But Jack's never stopped loving Olivia, and has planned for them to spend the summer on the beautiful Greek island where they first met. It's the perfect place to fall in love: the pretty villages, the gently lapping waves on miles of endless golden sand. But is it enough to help Jack and Olivia overcome their past and reunite... for ever?

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About the author

Carol Grace

Carol Grace

Carol Grace was born with wanderlust. She was raised in Illinois but longed to go other places so she spent her junior year in college at the Sorbonne in Paris. After grad school in L.A. she went to San Francisco to work at the public TV station where she met her future husband. At KQED she was the switchboard operator and did on-the-air promos (in French) for her idol, Julia Child, thus proving to her parents that French was a useful major after all. She left TV and went on board the hospital ship Hope for 3 voyages - Guinea,...
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