Blood Son

Blood Son

Nocturne #5


by Erica Orloff


Imprint: Mills & Boon Intrigue

Release date: 2012-01-01

Pages: 300 Pages

ISBN: 9781742923000


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Blood Son

Erica Orloff

Abducted by vampires...

And now Elizabeth Martin was on a wild–goose chase halfway around the world to save him from madness. She didn't believe a word of his cryptic e–mail about vampires and drinking blood. Nor did she believe the drunkard who spoke of vampires ruling the small Czech village where he was last seen. Until she was put in contact with a mysterious Dhampir – the offspring of a vampire and a human. Reputed mercenaries who'll do anything – or betray anyone – for a price. Elizabeth takes an instant disliking to Josef Darecky. He's too edgy, intense and moody... and he arouses desires that could compromise her mission. But he's also the only man who can save her brother, who is half–turned already. And, as she forms an unlikely bond with the half–blood mercenary, she senses that only by trusting him – and winning his trust – can the vampires be fully destroyed...

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Erica Orloff

Erica Orloff

Erica Orloff is a native New Yorker, novelist, blogger, mother of four, chronic insomniac, alt-rock loving, voracious reader (and prolific writer) who has written over twenty novels across a number of genres and pen names. She currently lives in Virginia where she rarely sleeps, roots for the Yankees and the NY Giants, knits in her almost-never free time, herds worms with her six-year-old Pirate Boy, and tries to hold onto what little sanity she has left.
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