Mistress To The Marquis/Her Highland Protector/Lady Isobel's Ch

Mistress To The Marquis/Her Highland Protector/Lady Isobel's Ch

The Gilvrys of Dunross #0


by Ann Lethbridge, Carol Townend, Margaret McPhee


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2013-07-01

Pages: 272 Pages

ISBN: 9781743641668


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Mistress To The Marquis by Margaret McPhee

They call her the Marquis's mistress, but it will take all of Alice Sweetly's renowned acting skills to smile and pretend he means nothing to her.

Razeby must marry, and while Alice could grace his bed she can never grace his arm. But the Marquis of Razeby can't let go of his mistress that easily.

Her Highland Protector by Ann Lethbridge

Lady Jenna Aleyne must marry well if she is to claim her lands. But then Niall Gilvry is assigned to watch over her, and there's no denying she finds this handsome Scot most distracting!

Niall knows Jenna is too good for him. But with danger lurking in the shadows, Niall most stay close. And it would be just oh, so easy to pull her into his arms...

Lady Isobel's Champion by Carol Townend

In her long years at the convent, waiting for her betrothed, Lady Isobel de Turenne has built the Comte d'Aveyron into a fantasy – a man who will rescue, love and protect her. But when the Comte finally returns to claim his bride Isobel finds instead a man of contradictions. She must decide if it's solely duty forcing the Comte to marry or whether he is truly her longed–for champion.

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About the author

Ann Lethbridge

Ann Lethbridge

Ann Lethbridge majored in history and business. She always loved the glamorous, if rather risky, Georgians and in particular the Regency era as drawn by Georgette Heyer. It was that love that prompted her to write her first Regency novel in 2000. She found she enjoyed it so much she just couldn’t stop! Ann gave up a career in university administration to focus on her first love, writing novels and lives in Canada with her family. Visit her website at: www.annlethbridge.com
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Margaret McPhee

Margaret McPhee

Margaret McPhee trained as a scientist, but was always a romantic at heart. She wrote two manuscripts and suffered numerous rejections from publishers and agents before joining the Romantic Novelists Association. A further two manuscripts later and with help from RNAs new writers' scheme, her first regency romance was born. Margaret enjoys cycling, tea and cakes and loves exploring the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the islands of Scotland with her husband.
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