The Bay At Midnight

The Bay At Midnight


by Diane Chamberlain


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2013-11-01

Pages: 416 Pages

ISBN: 9781743647202


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Her family's cottage on the New Jersey shore was a place of freedom and innocence for Julie Bauer – until her seventeen–year–old sister, Isabel, was murdered.

It's been more than forty years since that August night, but Julie's memories of her sister's death still shape her world. Now someone from her past is raising questions about what really happened that night. About Julie's own complicity. About a devastating secret her mother kept from them all. About the person who went to prison for Izzy's murder – and the person who didn't.

Faced with questions and armed with few answers, Julie must harness the courage to revisit her past and untangle the complex emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight.

With her flawless ability to craft unforgettably real characters, Diane Chamberlain gives readers a simmering, evocative novel about the secrets that families keep, and the haunting legacies they leave behind.

"Chamberlain skillfully...plumbs the nature of crimes of the heart." –Publishers Weekly

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Diane Chamberlain

Diane Chamberlain

Diane Chamberlain is the best-selling author of 20 novels. Her books, frequently set in the southeastern United States, are complex stories about love, compassion and forgiveness with a touch of mystery and suspense. Diane was born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, and attended Glassboro State University. She also lived for many years in both San Diego and northern Virginia. Diane received her master's degree in clinical social work from San Diego State University. Prior to her writing career, she was a hospital social worker and a psychotherapist in private practice, working primarily with adolescents. Diane's background in psychology and...
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