Her Irish Rebel - 3 Book Box Set

Her Irish Rebel - 3 Book Box Set

Under the Covers #0


by KATE HOFFMANN, Kristin Hardy, Leslie Kelly


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2014-03-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781743649626


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Doing Ireland! – Katie Hoffman

There's no chance that Claire O'Connor believes some druid springwater can make a man fall in love with her. So why is she leaving Chicago for an island off the coast of Ireland?

But when she meets sexy innkeeper Will Donovan, Claire realises the island has a magic all its own – because she's suddenly tempted to abandon her old life! But is it her libido talking, or did Will slip her some local elixir? Because two can play at that game...

As Bad as Can Be – Kristin Hardy

Having Bad Reputation is Mallory Carson's dream come true. And thanks to her, the bar is the trendiest spot in town. At first, dancing atop the bar was a one–off. But when it causes carloads of patrons to show up, Mallory sees dollar signs.

Shay O'Connor has his own quiet Irish pub nearby. He's meant to be looking out for her, but after seeing Mallory in motion, he wants to keep more than just his eye on her… But she is his good buddy's sister. Little does he know that Mallory already has plans for him!

Heated Rush – Leslie Kelly

Annie Davis's big family reunion is looming, and she needs a stand–in man fast! Her solution? The drop–dead–sexy, blue–collar man at the charity bachelor auction.

Sean Murphy has a bit of a surprise for Annie. Not only is he not blue–collar, he's actually a European entrepreneur, one who's made pleasuring women an art form. But Sean knows that if she discovers his secret, their wickedly delicious liaison will be over. Lucky for both of them, he's learned enough tricks to keep Annie distracted for a long, long time...

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Kristin Hardy

Kristin has been book-crazy her entire life. When her mom would tell her to go to bed, she'd hide in the bathroom just so she could read a few more pages. In the afternoons, she'd play with her dog, Misty, in the backyard and tell her elaborate stories of princesses and Indians, dressing the dog up to play the part. She grew up in Anaheim, California, home of Disneyland. When she was 12, Kristin started her first novel about a boy growing up with a racehorse. She managed to get only about 10 pages into it, but the seed of...
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