Father And Child Reunion Part One

Father And Child Reunion Part One


by Christine Flynn


Imprint: Harlequin E

Release date: 2014-03-01

Pages: 57 Pages

ISBN: 9781743649640


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36 Hours Serial

As a devastating summer storm hits Grand Springs, Colorado, the next thirty–six hours will change the town and its residents forever….

Father and Child Reunion Part 1

Eve Stuart thought a trip home for her brother Hal's wedding would be fun–and short enough to avoid seeing Rio Redtree. But that was before a storm cut power all over town, her brother's bride went missing and Eve's mother, Olivia, was tragically killed.

Now Rio, an investigative reporter, is the only one with a lead on her mother's case. Eve's willing to answer his questions, as long as they don't involve her daughter, Molly. Six years ago, Rio made it clear he never wanted a child. How can Eve trust him to do the right thing if he finds out the truth about Molly?

The story continues in Father and Child Reunion Parts 2 and 3.

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Christine Flynn

Christine Flynn is a regular voice in Harlequin Special Edition and has written nearly forty books for the line.
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