A Woman Of Courage

A Woman Of Courage


by J.H. Fletcher


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2016-06-01

Pages: 448 Pages

ISBN: 9781760374266


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A rags to riches story of a woman of indomitable spirit and of the passionate love that moulds and ultimately changes her life…

Fighting her way from humble beginnings in a foster home to CEO of her own highly respected international company hasn't been easy for Hilary Brand.  Even after she seems to have reached the top, troubles abound: her business in China, always fraught with problems, is in peril; and her arch–nemesis Haskins Gould – once her closest business associate, but now her greatest enemy – is gaining traction in his unceasing determination to destroy all she has created.

Hilary's two daughters – unhappy trophy wife Jennifer and brilliant but troubled journalist Sara – also traverse the joys and terrors of love as they try to tread their own paths in the shadow of such a powerful woman.

From the vastness of Western Australia to glittering Sydney and the teeming streets of Hong Kong and Singapore, this is a story of contrasting loves and of a woman of fierce determination… a woman of courage

From the bestselling author of Dust of the Land

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About the author

J.H. Fletcher

J.H. Fletcher

J.H. Fletcher is the prize-winning author of eighteen novels, published to both critical and popular acclaim in Australia, Germany and the UK, as well as numerous short stories and plays for radio and television. He was educated in England and France and travelled and worked in Europe, Asia and Africa before emigrating to Australia in 1991. Home is a house on the edge of the Western Tier Mountains in northern Tasmania.
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