Rancher For The Holidays

Rancher For The Holidays


by Myra Johnson

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Love Inspired

Release date: 2015-11-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781760379643


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Her Could–Be Cowboy

Downsized from his corporate job, Ben Fisher's donning boots and a Stetson to try ranching through the holidays on his uncle's spread.  The handsome city–slicker turns heads wherever he goes–but he soon begins to fall for one special redhead.  Marley Sanders has the work–obsessed bachelor doing the unthinkable–volunteering in the community and dreaming of wedding bells and babies. But his sweet country girl insists she's never leaving Alpine, Texas and he's set to ride out with the first job offer.  Unless Marley can convince him to take the job of her forever cowboy.

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Myra Johnson

Myra Johnson

Award-winning author Myra Johnson is a native Texan, but she now enjoys life in the scenic Carolinas (except for the scarcity of real Texas barbecue). Myra and her husband proudly claim two daughters and two sons-in-law with huge hearts for ministry. Seven grandchildren take up another big chunk of Myra's heart. The Johnsons enjoy singing in the church choir and pampering their very special rescue dogs. Subscribe to Myra's newsletter: http://myrajohnson.com/newsletter-signup/
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