Wedding Bell Wishes/It Started at a Wedding.../The Wedding Planner and the CEO/Wedded for His Royal Duty

Wedding Bell Wishes/It Started at a Wedding.../The Wedding Planner and the CEO/Wedded for His Royal Duty

by Kate Hardy, Alison Roberts, Susan Meier

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2020-01-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781867200543


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It Started At A Wedding... - Kate Hardy

Claire Stewart thinks her day can’t get any worse – but she’s wrong! As if losing her best friend’s wedding dress isn’t enough, she’s now faced with the ultra-handsome, ultra-successful brother of the bride, Sean Farrell...oh, and she’s had a crush on him for years!

Sean might have turned his back on romance a long time ago, but somehow Claire manages to slip inside his heart. The trouble is Sean knows that when it comes to Claire one scorching, unforgettable kiss at a wedding just isn’t enough...

The Wedding Planner And The CEO - Alison Roberts

Penelope Collins is determined that her first shot at planning a celebrity wedding won’t be her last. And if that means begging gorgeous CEO Rafe Edwards for a spectacular last minute firework display, so be it!

They may seem like total opposites, but brooding Rafe also knows what it’s like to never have had the warmth of a loving family. There are plenty of fireworks – some sparked by his kisses! –but he’s also the only man who understands what she’s craving. A family – one she and Rafe can build together...?

Wedded For His Royal Duty - Susan Meier

When Prince Alexandros Sancho discovers he’s inherited his older brother’s betrothed, he’s horrified! Princess Eva might be beautiful, but his belief in marriage died with his first love. However, he must marry her – unless Eva can be persuaded to break the engagement herself?

Except Alex’s plan backfires! Far from putting her off, he finds himself falling for the warm but shy princess. Can he convince Eva to be his royal bride – for real?

About the author

Susan Meier

Susan Meier

Susan Meier spent most of her twenties thinking she was a job-hopper – until she began to write and realised everything that had come before was only research! One of eleven children, with twenty-four nieces and nephews and three kids of her own, Susan lives in Western Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband, Mike, her children, and two over-fed, well-cuddled cats, Sophie and Fluffy. You can visit Susan’s website at
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