Whitfield Brides Complete Collection/Long Time Coming/The Sweetest Temptation/Taken by Storm

Whitfield Brides Complete Collection/Long Time Coming/The Sweetest Temptation/Taken by Storm

Whitfield Brides #0

by Rochelle Alers


Imprint: Mills & Boon Kimani Romance

Release date: 2020-01-01

Pages: 576 Pages

ISBN: 9781867201496


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Meet Signature Bridals’ wedding divas: Tessa, Faith and Simone Whitfield in Rochelle Alers’s Whitfield Brides series. In a box set for the first time, these three enchanting romances follow three career-focused women on their individual journeys to happily ever after!

Long Time Coming

Brooklyn assistant district attorney Micah Sanborn walks into wedding planner Tessa Whitfield’s town house and winds up stranded there all night in a citywide blackout...alongside the most intriguing woman he’s ever met.

Tessa’s vow to avoid mixing work with pleasure is completely forsaken once she’s thrown together with the tall, gorgeous assistant DA. Micah offers Tessa the kind of passion she’s only fantasised about, but their whirlwind romance hits a snag when he’s unable to say those three little words. Can Micah overcome his fear from a painful breakup in the past? And will Tessa be willing to wait for his love?

The Sweetest Temptation

Once Faith Whitfield dreamed she’d find her prince, but enough frogs have dispelled that fairy tale. She’s been too busy running Let Them Eat Cake and satisfying other people’s sweet tooth to lament her own love life. Still, a woman’s got to get out of the kitchen sometime and Ethan McMillan’s seduction heats her passion to the boiling point. But even decadent weekends of romance and Ethan’s sweet sensuality can’t convince Faith to trust him with her heart. Does he really want happily ever after – with her?

Former air force pilot Ethan McMillan comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, but soon realises he’s the one in danger – of falling for luscious pastry chef Faith Whitfield.

Taken by Storm

When tall, ruggedly handsome U.S. marshall Raphael Madison tells spirited five-foot-three floral designer Simone Whitfield that he’s her live-in bodyguard for the duration of a high-profile court case, the notion that opposites attract definitely applies.

But while trying to stay busy and ignore the magnetic pull of the hunky lawman, Simone discovers that sharing her home with a bodyguard stirs up a storm of longing. Soon, their closeness becomes electrifying, as friendship brings intimacy and an endless night of uncontrollable passion. But will the morning after bring regrets...or promises of forever?

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