Break Even

by Pamela Callow


Imprint: Mira

Release date: 2020-03-01

Pages: 25 Pages

ISBN: 9781867201519


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Discover heart-racing intrigue in this Thriller Short of romantic suspense.

In this Thriller Short, bestselling author Pamela Callow’s protagonist Eddie Bent is back. Or is he? Bent, a trial attorney, is a bit down on his luck when he gets a call from a young woman who was raped by her college professor. The case is generating news coverage and may be just the type of high-profile publicity Bent needs to get his foundering legal career back on track. But Bent’s case of a lifetime will come at a cost that far exceeds anything he could have imagined.

Originally published in LOVE IS MURDER (2013), edited by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown.

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