48 Hour Lockdown

48 Hour Lockdown

Tactical Crime Division #1

by Carla Cassidy


Imprint: Mills & Boon Intrigue

Release date: 2020-04-01

Pages: 256 Pages

ISBN: 9781867206576


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The Tactical Crime Division — TCD — is a specialised unit of the FBI. They handle the toughest cases.

A school invasion turned lockdown in North Carolina is just an average assignment for the TCD unit. But it becomes personal for hostage negotiator agent Evan Duran when he learns Annalise Taylor is the teacher holed up with the students. He’ll need every resource available at TCD and every ounce of his expertise to turn this disastrous situation into a rescue mission — and if he succeeds, maybe reunite with the woman he never stopped loving.

Mills & Boon Intrigue — Edge of your seat romance where true-to-life women and strong, fearless men fight for survival.

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