Regency Feuding Passions/Lady Allerton's Wager/The Notorious Marriage

Regency Feuding Passions/Lady Allerton's Wager/The Notorious Marriage

by Nicola Cornick

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Release date: 2020-04-01

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Lady Allerton’s Wager

An eternal triangle — a lord, a lady island!

Beth, Lady Allerton, is determined to reclaim Fairhaven Island, stolen from her family generations before by the treacherous Earl of Trevithick. She challenges the current Earl, Marcus Trevithick, to a wager — his island against her virtue!

Marcus Trevithick is intrigued by the lovely incognita who throws down the challenge. Soon he is pursuing her, determined to learn more of her identity — and to tempt her into his bed. As both Beth and Marcus race to claim Fairhaven it seems inevitable that the chase can end only in each other’s arms. But when it comes to a choice, which does Beth want more — the Earl of Trevithick, or her beloved island?

The Notorious Marriage.

Marry in haste...

Debutante Lady Eleanor Trevithick’s elopement with Kit, Lord Mostyn, was enough to have the gossips in an uproar. Then it was heard that her new husband had disappeared a day after the wedding...and their marriage became the most notorious in town!

Kit returned five long months later, not at liberty to explain the secret assignment that had forced his departure. He was determined to win back his bride’s affections. Eleanor could not deny that she was still in love with her husband, but she not forgive him his desertion and she also had a heart-breaking secret that she had sworn never to tell him...

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Nicola Cornick

Nicola Cornick

International bestselling author Nicola Cornick writes historical romance for HQN Books and time slip romance for MIRA UK. She became fascinated with history when she was a child, and spent hours poring over historical novels and watching costume drama. She studied history at university and wrote her master's thesis on heroes. Nicola also acts as a historical advisor for television and radio. In her spare time she works as a guide in a 17th century mansion.
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