Dangerous Dukes/Duke of Decadence/Duke of Danger

Dangerous Dukes/Duke of Decadence/Duke of Danger

Dangerous Dukes #5

by Carole Mortimer


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2020-03-23

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781867206996


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Duke Of Decadence

Who: Griffin Stone, tenth Duke of Rotherham.

What: A disheveled woman who is nearly trampled by his carriage horses.

When: Late one summer night while the Duke is in pursuit of would-be assassins.

Why: When the mysterious beauty’s identity is revealed as Lady Beatrix Stanton, Griffin realizes it’s she who holds the key to everything. Bea’s memory must be unlocked, but with every second in her presence inflaming Griffin’s desire, keeping his mind on the task ahead proves nigh on impossible!

Duke Of Danger

The declaration: ‘You don’t have a choice. You will return with me to England.’

The deed: In the dark of night, British spy Christian Seaton, Duke of Sutherland, abducts Lisette Duprée and flees French mercenaries in a race against time. Christian must protect her at all costs — Lisette is the answer to everything in the Dangerous Dukes’ work for the crown.

The difficulty: Innocent Lisette is an enticing temptation who’s increasingly hard to resist!

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