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by Carol Marinelli


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2020-08-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867215714


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The Price Of His Redemption

Daniil Zverev is the world’s most ruthless and sinfully seductive tycoon. No one would ever know the cruelty and rejection that fueled his ascent. But beautiful ballet teacher Libby Tennent is getting under Daniil’s skin and dangerously close to the truth.

From the moment she waltzed into his office, feisty Libby has challenged the dark-hearted Russian. He doesn’t do favors, yet he helps Libby’s business. He definitely doesn’t do relationships, yet one night with Libby isn’t enough! Money might be no object, yet the cost of getting closer to Libby is much higher...

The Cost Of The Forbidden

Clients, women, money...ruthless CEO Sev Derzhavin is a master at getting whatever — and whoever!— he wants. Rejected as a child, Sev has never been refused since. So when his personal assistant, beautiful brunette Naomi Johnson, resigns Sev can’t resist the challenge of enticing her to stay...

Naomi has to walk away before she gives into the chemistry with her infamous heartbreaker boss, and opens her heart to yet more bruises. But, on their last business trip to Dubai, Sev makes a shocking suggestion to relieve the tension between them...enjoy some overtime — in his bed!

Billionaire Without A Past

Nikolai Eristov lives by one rule: never look back. The inscrutable tycoon has buried his past so deep that, to the outside world, the only thing driving him is his personal chauffeur. Until he meets elegant ballet dancer Rachel Cary at a wedding and behind her practiced smile and innate sensuality, Nikolai glimpses a woman running from shadows as dark as his own.

One electric night together leads Nicolai to promise Rachel two weeks of exquisite pleasure. Except for the first time, this indomitable billionaire lied. Because two weeks isn’t nearly enough!

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