Dare Box Set 1-4 Dec 2020/No Strings Christmas/Unwrapping the Best Man/Turning Up the Heat/Pure Satisfaction

Dare Box Set 1-4 Dec 2020/No Strings Christmas/Unwrapping the Best Man/Turning Up the Heat/Pure Satisfaction

A Billion-Dollar Singapore Christmas #0

by J. Margot Critch, Clare Connelly, Rebecca Hunter, Rachael Stewart


Imprint: Mills & Boon Dare

Release date: 2020-12-01

Pages: 768 Pages

ISBN: 9781867221012


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No Strings Christmas - Clare Connelly

Zach Papandreo didn’t earn his playboy billionaire reputation by following his heart. So when fiercely independent Jessica Johnson suggests two weeks of pleasure during her Christmas visit to Singapore he’s all in! But will spending time with the passionate brunette make him want something he’s vowed to avoid?

Unwrapping The Best Man - Rachael Stewart

After lusting after Jackson Black for years, Caitlin has her craving satisfied the naughty evening of their friends’ wedding. But then he leaves during the night. Now Cait’s ready to play dirty. Because the only thing worse than a sexy Grinch stealing your heart is if he breaks it...

Turning Up The Heat - J. Margot Critch

Tom Cain is as gorgeous as he is forbidden. Distiller Gemma Rexford knows she shouldn’t crave his hands, his mouth, everywhere. But she can’t resist seducing him, and each moment in his arms is as decadent as fine rum. Will sleeping with the enemy cost her everything?

Pure Satisfaction - Rebecca Hunter

Bubbly Ruby Bisset is too young for CFO Adrian Wentworth, so he keeps his distance. But impersonating their bosses at a Hawaiian resort over Christmas means sharing a cabin. And when Ruby goads him into a kiss under the mistletoe he realises this tropical indulgence might leave him craving more…

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About the author

J. Margot Critch

J. Margot Critch

J. Margot Critch graduated from Memorial University with a BA in Religious Studies and Folklore. She currently lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, with her own romance hero, Brian, and their little fur buddy, Chibs. A self-professed Parrothead, when she isn't writing steamy contemporary romance and romantic suspense, she spends her time listening to Jimmy Buffett music and watching the ocean, all the while trying to decide if it's too early to make margaritas.
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Clare Connelly

Clare Connelly

Clare Connelly was raised in small-town Australia among a family of avid readers. She spent much of her childhood up a tree, Mills & Boon book in hand. Clare is married to her own real-life hero and they live in a bungalow near the sea with their two children. She is frequently found staring into space - a surefire sign she is in the world of her characters. She has a penchant for French food and ice-cold champagne, and Mills & Boon novels continue to be her favourite ever books. Writing for MIlls & Boon is a long-held dream.
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