Valentine's Day Collection 2021/Seduced by the Heart Surgeon/The Last Heir of Monterrato/Reunited...and Pregnant/Snowed In

Valentine's Day Collection 2021/Seduced by the Heart Surgeon/The Last Heir of Monterrato/Reunited...and Pregnant/Snowed In

The Hollywood Hills Clinic #0

by Carol Marinelli, Cassie Miles, Joss Wood, Andie Brock

Deal Price: $9.99

Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2021-01-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867224709


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Seduced By The Heart Surgeon - Carol Marinelli

As Head of PR for the elite Hollywood Hills Clinic, ex-socialite Freya Rothsberg knows image is everything. Yet her own facade of calm control is shattered when she meets outrageously sexy heart surgeon Zack Carlton at a wedding. One wild night of passion later, Freya is shocked to realise that Zack is the clinic’s newest recruit!

Playboy Zack exposes Freya’s every secret yearning for a fairytale ending. He’s an expert with damaged hearts — does she dare trust him with hers?

The Last Heir Of Monterrato - Andie Brock

Daredevil Rafael Revaldi has always lived for the moment. But having cheated death, the Conte di Monterrato is focused on the future. He needs an heir, but to get one he’ll face his toughest challenge yet — winning back his estranged wife!

Lottie returns to the castle she once called home with newfound strength. The intense sensual connection between Lottie and Rafe remains, but so do the emotional scars of their marriage. Can Lottie risk her heart again to give them the child they both so desperately want?

Reunited...And Pregnant - Joss Wood

PR whiz Cady Collins’ personal and professional lives both desperately need a reboot. So when millionaire Beckett Ballantyne decides to rebrand his company, Cady is determined to land the job. The only complication is her romantic history with her devilishly handsome boss, whose smouldering blue-eyed gaze still makes her swoon. And the only complication with that, is the fact she’s already pregnant!

Beck doesn’t mind that he’s not the baby’s father — he only knows he burns for the mum-to-be. But when a media misunderstanding leads to a fake engagement, will Beck end the Valentine’s Day charade, or play for keeps?

Snowed In - Cassie Miles

Rescuing a beautiful woman from four armed men wasn’t how Blake Randall planned to spend his Army leave. But as chief security detail at his best friend’s wedding, the ranger’s mission is just beginning. A blizzard has cut off Sarah Bentley’s Colorado B&B from the outside world, trapping them with a killer. Blake will keep the spirited innkeeper safe — whether she wants his protection or not.

Snowed in with the rugged stranger who already saved her life once, Sarah has no choice but to trust Blake. As passion ignites, she realises he’s so much more than a strong shoulder to lean on. With the danger escalating, it’s time to listen to what her heart’s telling her: With Blake by her side, they can survive anything...

About the author

Joss Wood

Joss Wood

Joss Wood's  passion for putting black letters on a white screen is only matched by her love of books and travelling and her hatred of making school lunches and ironing. Fueled by coffee and craziness, Joss is a hands on Mom and, after a career in local economic development and business lobbying, she now writes full time. Surrounded by family, friends and books she lives in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa with her husband and two children.
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Andie Brock

Andie Brock

Andie Brock started inventing imaginary friends around the age of four and is still doing that today; only now the sparkly fairies have made way for spirited heroines and sexy heroes. Thankfully she now has some real friends, as well as a husband and three children, plus a grumpy but lovable cat. Andie lives in Bristol and when not actually writing, could well be plotting her next passionate romance story.
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